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>About your comment 1:
>if i have register_globals=on, why $status is not be set by PHP?

well _then_ we have 2 possibilities:
1) your form input field isn't named "status" but rather "Status" or
"STATUS" - take care of the case here, PHP is case sensitive with variables
and associative indices.
2) Your form simply submits _nothing_ in this field - check your JavaScript
(perhaps it is disabled?)

>About your comment 2:
>if i have 2 pages: p01.php and p02.php,
>with p01.php code:
><a href="p02.php?pp=2">link</a>
>and p02.php code:
>echo "$pp";
>If i have register_globals=off, then when i click the link, in p02.php page, 
>the echo command display nothing.
>If i have register_globals=on, then the echo command displays the value buy 
>this way is deprecated.
>How can i run the script without problems having register_globals=off?

$parms = null;
foreach ($_GET as $p=>$v) {
   if ($parms) $parms .= '&';
   $parms .= "$p=".urlencode($v);
<a href="p02.php?<?php=$parms?>">

This will do what you want (untested, but should work)

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