Javascript need to send that data back to the server and how are you
going to do that?

You will have to use a form or a link or some method to send it to the

Now you can use php to write your javascript code that can be used to
link to a php file that can be run on the client side which will then
access the server...

but you are really talking about to things here server-side (php) and
client-side (javascript)...

On Mon, 2002-11-18 at 14:39, Jeff Bluemel wrote:
> I'm been ignored on this question for 4-5 days now.  even if it is not
> possible could somebody please verify this?
> is it possible to pass a variable from javascript directly to php WITHOUT
> using either a link, or a form submit to pass the variables?  I've gotten a
> work around to call an image that's actually a php file, but run my script,
> and then return an image file.
> is this the only way?
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