As Maxim pointed out a couple of days ago, this is just a matter of
nanosecs, it shouldn't be really noticeable from performance.

The fastest was to display non-PHP output is to escape from PHP and enter
plain HTML, like
    $a = 'World';
    <H1>Hello <?=$a?>!</h1>

This is quite ugly to read and write, and it prohibits to separate content
from output. So the next fast way to output would be
    echo '<H1>Hello World!</h1>';
Note the single quotes - they are (_very_slightly_) faster than double quotes.

If you need to display variables you must revert to
    echo "<H1>Hello $a!</H1>";
to parse the string (note the double quotes here).

I would always prefer to have to buy a faster server and use the second or
third method than having to escape from PHP for any output, for what it's

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