At 22:39 18.11.2002, Jeff Bluemel spoke out and said:
>I'm been ignored on this question for 4-5 days now.  even if it is not
>possible could somebody please verify this?
>is it possible to pass a variable from javascript directly to php WITHOUT
>using either a link, or a form submit to pass the variables?  I've gotten a
>work around to call an image that's actually a php file, but run my script,
>and then return an image file.
>is this the only way?

Generally spoken, yes - the browser needs to pass the data back to the
server somehow.

What are you really up to? Do you want to transmit data to the server
without the user clicking on a link or a button?

You can always use JavaScript to submit a form (even a hidden-only form),
or to reload the document with the same or a different URL.


document.location.href = url;

Form submit:


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