here's the URL if case somebody decides to look at it;
user: guest
pass: domintcom

go to customer service, prepaid pin, and then look up 3077876962  -
activate, deactivate, and recharge

this is for customer service of prepaid phone cards.

now - when I reload this page to refresh the information sometimes it can
really take awhile.

I need to somehow get the information from the user on how much to recharge
the pin for.  now, before I refresh the page I need to get how much the user
wants to recharge, process the recharge, and then refresh the page that all
of this started on.

I thought it would be the simplest if I could somehow use javascript to
prompt the user for a value, confirm if the user wants to recharge xxxxxxxxx
pin for $xx.xx, recharge the pin, and then refresh the calling page so it
now reflects the new balance.

I don't want to refresh original page until this is all done because it can
take sometime for this page load at times.

is everybody lost now?

"Ernest E Vogelsinger" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> At 22:39 18.11.2002, Jeff Bluemel spoke out and said:
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> >I'm been ignored on this question for 4-5 days now.  even if it is not
> >possible could somebody please verify this?
> >
> >is it possible to pass a variable from javascript directly to php WITHOUT
> >using either a link, or a form submit to pass the variables?  I've gotten
> >work around to call an image that's actually a php file, but run my
> >and then return an image file.
> >
> >is this the only way?
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> Generally spoken, yes - the browser needs to pass the data back to the
> server somehow.
> What are you really up to? Do you want to transmit data to the server
> without the user clicking on a link or a button?
> You can always use JavaScript to submit a form (even a hidden-only form),
> or to reload the document with the same or a different URL.
> URL-Reload:
> document.location.href = url;
> Form submit:
> document.forms[formname].submit();
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