At 18:04 19.11.2002, Adam spoke out and said:
>Cheers for replying.
>I have the menu in place already, it is the PHP end i'm not sure about.
>Currently I have many php files which only differ in one line:
>I want to be able to pass this value to the script through a link.

How about
    $files = array('file1.xml' => 'Go to file 1',
                   'file2.xml' => 'Go to file 2',
                   'file3.xml' => 'Go to file 3',
                   'file4.xml' => 'Go to file 4');
    foreach ($files as $filename => $text) {
        // you should put your actual menu code here
        echo '<a href="', $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], '?filename=',
             urlencode($filename), '">', htmlentities($text), '</a><br>';

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