At 19:10 19.11.2002, Adam said:
>Thanks, but not sure if this is what i'm looking for....
>I just want to setup the PHP script so that the variable $filename can be 
>changed via a link such as 'index.php?filename="file.xml"',
>causing the script to parse the appropriate file.

When you execute the URL
(note - no quotes)
your PHP script will have this value readily accessible as $filename (if
register_globals is on, as outlined in many threads the last days).

With the latest PHP versions, register_globals defaults to off, so you
don't have "$filename" but rather $_GET['filename'] available.

If your PHP host has register_globals off, but you need parameters as
globals, you can put this little script at the beginning of your PHP file:

foreach ($_REQUEST as $varname => $value) {
        $var = '$'.$varname;
        global $$var;
        $$var = $value;

You will then be able to access parameters as if register_globals would be on.

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