No, it is not output from a DB, just a simple static text file with some PHP functions in it, but even if I remove them, the error remains the same.

I have now upgraded to Apache 1.3.17 and php4.2.3 no change.

One idea which cam into my mind: might an error much later on in the page generation interrupt the output? It takes a few seconds to after the page starts to loud until the server closes the connection.


At 05:48 07.12.2002, Tom Rogers wrote:

Thursday, December 5, 2002, 9:40:20 PM, you wrote:
FW> Hi All,
FW> i have to migrate a website from WNT/IIS to Solaris/Apache.

FW> Some stuff seems to work, but now I am stuck with a page which gets cut
FW> off in the middle of the out put. It is a template system with a chain
FW> of includes and requires (4 files involved, no fancy stuff, just some
FW> variable assignements and selection of templates based on the HTTP_HOST
FW> header). The last file contains the HTML code for the browser, the
FW> server starts to send the output to the client, but stops in the middle
FW> of this file. The cut appears after a certain constant number of
FW> characters (7728 characters, cr's not counted).

FW> CR/LFs are not an issue, I verified all invioved files, they are just
FW> plain text, even in vi ;-)

FW> I have Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) PHP/4.0.6 tomcat/1.0 (tomcat is not used for
FW> this pages)

FW> Has anybodey an idea whre to look for the cause?

FW> Thanks
FW>         Fritz

If the data is coming from an odbc connected database you may need to take a
look at odbc_longreadlen()

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