Hi All,
i have to migrate a website from WNT/IIS to Solaris/Apache.

Some stuff seems to work, but now I am stuck with a page which gets cut off in the middle of the out put. It is a template system with a chain of includes and requires (4 files involved, no fancy stuff, just some variable assignements and selection of templates based on the HTTP_HOST header). The last file contains the HTML code for the browser, the server starts to send the output to the client, but stops in the middle of this file. The cut appears after a certain constant number of characters (7728 characters, cr's not counted).

CR/LFs are not an issue, I verified all invioved files, they are just plain text, even in vi ;-)

I have Apache/1.3.14 (Unix) PHP/4.0.6 tomcat/1.0 (tomcat is not used for this pages)

Has anybodey an idea whre to look for the cause?


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