Hi Tom,
i was afraid I had to trace it down this way before, I even tried it, but missed the PHP function call at the end of a 300 and some characters line.....

Anyway it was a function wich had a hard coded Windows path to a directory in it wich started with 'e:/', I did not try to figure out which PHP function really crashed the process, changing it to the correct Unix path solved the problem.

Regards and thanks a lot for your help.


At 04:28 10.12.2002, Tom Rogers wrote:

Tuesday, December 10, 2002, 2:31:00 AM, you wrote:

FW> Hi Tom,
FW> I had this checked out before, but I did only check the errorlog for this
FW> virtual host, there is an entry in the error log of the main server for
FW> each request to the page in question:

FW> [Mon Dec  9 17:27:05 2002] [notice] child pid 10998 exit signal
FW> Segmentation Fault (11)

FW> Well, it does not say much to me.......

FW> Regards and Thanks for your help
FW>          Fritz

That means something happened that apache couldn't handle and just killed the
child proccess off. You will have to start commenting out bits of your code to
see which function is causing it.
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