On Tuesday 10 December 2002 00:31, Fritz Wittwer wrote:

> >FW> I have now upgraded to Apache 1.3.17 and php4.2.3 no change.

Did you mean 1.3.27? 1.3.17 is pretty old.

> >Does the apache error_log give any clues?

> I had this checked out before, but I did only check the errorlog for this
> virtual host, there is an entry in the error log of the main server for
> each request to the page in question:
> [Mon Dec  9 17:27:05 2002] [notice] child pid 10998 exit signal
> Segmentation Fault (11)
> Well, it does not say much to me.......

Well that's a pretty serious error. Basically, what it means is that httpd 
process that was running your script dieded (and under normal circumstances 
it shouldn't happen). If it's a repeatable bug then you should consider 
filing a bug report --> http://bugs.php.net.

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