On 6 Mar, 16:40, "jon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am curious to know if the PHP SOA project team has plans to
> implement the WS-* extensions/standards that large vendors are
> implementing to help manage service/messaging security, QoS,
> transactions, coordination, etc. Or, if not, does the PHP SOA team
> have plans to address three of the big issues surrounding the use of
> services in most PHP implementations today which I see as 1)
> transactions across services/calls 2) messaging QoS/reliability and 3)
> security federation across services. I am currently investigating PHP
> solutions for these issues and have not found any implementations in
> PHP of the WS-* standards.  Perhaps this is outside the scope of this
> project and perhaps the PHP community in general?
> Any thoughts on these issues at large? Does anybody have any resources
> they know of that address WS-* PHP implementation? I am interested in
> starting a discussion about these issues, and of course this may be
> the wrong venue, but please contact me if you are interested in
> talking about this, or if any of the PHP SOA team members have
> thoughts as well.
> Thanks,
> Jon M
Hi Jon

As you may know the idea of SCA, i.e. providing a simple way of
describing services and the references they use, was developed first
outside of PHP. Now I know this doesn't help in the PHP SCA world
right now but the more general SCA thinking includes how to apply
policy to the services and references SCA allows you to describe. The
thoughts to date are outlined in a policy specification here
if you want a bit a specification torture but beware this does rely on
quite a bit of knowledge of the SCA XML used to describe components.
Now this policy approach doesn't actually tell you technically how to
solve the 3 important issaues you mention but does provide a way of
describing the solution. We would have to rely on WS-* or other
mechanisms to do the real work.

It would be really good to bring this policy idea into our PHP
implementation somehow. I.e. simply allow developers to say that they
want a binding to be secure or reliable or transactional.  I'm afraid
we haven't started this to date. As with everything it's a matter of

Now I saw there has recently been a thread about setting SOAP headers
c92450e7a170a3e8?hl=en). Having an easy way to set headers could be a
start of a tactical solution. In reality from an ease of use point of
view we would really like the policy based approach but maybe taking a
tactial approach would move us along in the right direction.

Anyone want to get their hands dirty?



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