On 7 Mar, 10:15, "Matthew Peters" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> I imagine that since SCA for PHP is already keen on annotations, we
> would want the developer to have exactly the same: in the component
> they just put @Authentication or @Confidential or @Integrity, and we
> do the rest. Of course we realise there has to be some registry of
> passwords or certifications behind the scenes but from the developer
> point of view that would be hidden - no nuts, no bolts. That's the
> only way you can reliably keep the specifics of bindings out of the
> business logic.

Interesting idea and quite simple - at least for the developer
compared to actually implementing this :). It does however fit right
in with the PHP (way simplicity). I have been working with WCF lately
and got used to writing config files so think I over thought it a bit.

So then whatever you were to define within one of those annotations
would apply to all bindings (of course in a way appropriate to the
binding type)?

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