Hello All,

I am curious to know if the PHP SOA project team has plans to
implement the WS-* extensions/standards that large vendors are
implementing to help manage service/messaging security, QoS,
transactions, coordination, etc. Or, if not, does the PHP SOA team
have plans to address three of the big issues surrounding the use of
services in most PHP implementations today which I see as 1)
transactions across services/calls 2) messaging QoS/reliability and 3)
security federation across services. I am currently investigating PHP
solutions for these issues and have not found any implementations in
PHP of the WS-* standards.  Perhaps this is outside the scope of this
project and perhaps the PHP community in general?

Any thoughts on these issues at large? Does anybody have any resources
they know of that address WS-* PHP implementation? I am interested in
starting a discussion about these issues, and of course this may be
the wrong venue, but please contact me if you are interested in
talking about this, or if any of the PHP SOA team members have
thoughts as well.

Jon M

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