On 10 Apr, 14:52, "WFX" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all !
> I found ths extension very usefull. I tried to use it with the
> following code :
> <?php
> try {
>    $xmldas = SDO_DAS_XML::create("./ddex_xsd/dsr.xsd");
>   print($xmldas);} catch (SDO_Exception $e) {
>    print($e->getMessage());}
> ?>
> but I get this execption :
> Cannot add property Namespace of type commonj.sdo#String to this data
> typehttp://ddex.net/xml/2006/dsrm/10#CommercialModelType
> xsd file can be downloaded here :http://ddex.net/xml/2006/dsrm/10/dsr.xsd
> Is it a bug in this SDO release ?
> Thanks
Hi there. Thanks for trying SDO. I tried to go and look at the schema
at the link you provided and I couldn't get to the server. If I google
up ddex it definitely thinks there should be a www.ddex.net but I
can't ping it at the moment. Is it down?



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