Hi Mike

It's possible that the way that the SDO is being populated is causing
problems here. I tend to create each layer in the complex type
hierarchy separately. So, for example, the code would look something

        // create the top level object
        $restorations = SCA::createDataObject('http://restorations',

        // create the first child, automatically adding it into
        $restoration = $restorations->createDataObject('restoration');
        $restoration['id'] = 1;
        $restoration['description'] = 'test';

        // create the first child, automatically adding it into
        $restoration = $restorations->createDataObject('restoration');
        $restoration['id'] = 201;
        $restoration['description'] = 'test 2';

        return $restorations;

Having said this it's not clear why you result was completely empty as
I maybe would have expected at least the top level object to be
transmitted. Not sure, maybe an SDO error is preventing it. When I get
a little time later I'll give this sample a spin and see if it works
for me. Just though I would post this now in case it helps.



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