thanks for putting this up here and saving us all falling over it. I
expect this is related to the answer I got back on
which is all about namespaces, and where I know a fix was checked in
recently (a week or so ago, after I took the code for DUNLIN). I
expected when I read the answer on the JIRA that there might be
problems because the answer was telling me something I did not agree
with about what element should be on what namespace. But I know it's
going to need a bit of time for me to load my head up with the rules
about namespaces and answer the JIRA again. I think I had XERCES on my
side when I raised the JIRA in the first place, as it happens.

Anyway, I think there is a chance that the recent namespace change in
the Tuscany code (leaving aside the fact that tns2 is not defined as a
namespace prefix) is wrong, so I suggest that you do not check it in.
I will look at the JIRA and answer it for sure in the next two days,
and also reply back here with what I find.


On Jun 25, 1:12 pm, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Needs more investigation but I thought I would post this in case
> someone else embarks on the same piece of work.

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