On 28 Jun, 17:46, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> simonslaws-gM/[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > As an aside I can check the updated SDO implementation into EIDER if
> > anyone wants to try it. I have updated SDOUserMacros.h to match what
> > is required for PHP SDO. Is there anything elses I need to fix up
> > before I check in?
> As per Matthew's post, best to hold off for now, but for when it's sorted:
> Since you should only be merging updated files, you should never need to
> touch SDOUserMacros.h, unless Tuscany people make any changes to the
> base version, which is unlikely.
> Otherwise just copy over the changed files. Only the Tuscany source code
> in cpp/sdo/runtime/core/src/commonj/sdo is copied over - no tests, build
> files, or similar. It's good practice to eyeball the changes to see what
> new behaviour to expect.
> If any source files have been added or deleted, then you need to update
> both config.m4 and config.w32 accordingly. If you're on Windows, make
> sure you've compiled with MS VC++ 6, because this is still the required
> compiler for php builds, and unfortunately it has several
> inconsistencies with later versions.

Thanks both for the responses. I'll hold off on this for the time
being. As I was away and disconnected I started looking at the rest
resource binding. I'm going to carry on with that for now and come
back to this a little later in the week.



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