simonslaws-gM/[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> As an aside I can check the updated SDO implementation into EIDER if
> anyone wants to try it. I have updated SDOUserMacros.h to match what
> is required for PHP SDO. Is there anything elses I need to fix up
> before I check in?

As per Matthew's post, best to hold off for now, but for when it's sorted:

Since you should only be merging updated files, you should never need to 
touch SDOUserMacros.h, unless Tuscany people make any changes to the 
base version, which is unlikely.

Otherwise just copy over the changed files. Only the Tuscany source code 
in cpp/sdo/runtime/core/src/commonj/sdo is copied over - no tests, build 
files, or similar. It's good practice to eyeball the changes to see what 
new behaviour to expect.

If any source files have been added or deleted, then you need to update 
both config.m4 and config.w32 accordingly. If you're on Windows, make 
sure you've compiled with MS VC++ 6, because this is still the required 
compiler for php builds, and unfortunately it has several 
inconsistencies with later versions.

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