On 29 Jan, 21:13, cdouglas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
>    Been a long time since I have posted here since SDO has been
> working so well for me.  I wanted to see if there has been any updates
> on the issue from this post I made about a year ago.
> http://groups.google.com/group/phpsoa/browse_thread/thread/a294e044b2...
> I ended up giving up on the project I was doing before because of
> this, but now it has re-surfaced in another one.
> Thank you
> Chris Douglas

Hi Chris

Was just looking back at this to see what happened and it looks like a
fix when in (http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/TUSCANY-1238). I
just ran the test from way back when against the code in the FULMAR
branch and it looks better to me. This was the output...

object(SDO_DAS_XML)#1 {
23 types have been defined. The types and their properties are::
1. commonj.sdo#BigDecimal
2. commonj.sdo#BigInteger
3. commonj.sdo#Boolean
4. commonj.sdo#Byte
5. commonj.sdo#Bytes
6. commonj.sdo#ChangeSummary
7. commonj.sdo#Character
8. commonj.sdo#DataObject
9. commonj.sdo#Date
10. commonj.sdo#Double
11. commonj.sdo#Float
12. commonj.sdo#Integer
13. commonj.sdo#Long
14. commonj.sdo#OpenDataObject
15. commonj.sdo#Short
16. commonj.sdo#String
17. commonj.sdo#URI
18. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#ElementA
    - Overlapping (http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Overlapping)
19. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#ElementB
    - Overlapping (http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Overlapping1)
20. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Overlapping
    - ValueA (commonj.sdo#String)
21. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Overlapping1
    - ValueB (commonj.sdo#String)
22. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#RootType
    - Top (http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Top)
23. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Top
    - ElementA (http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#ElementA)
    - ElementB (http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#ElementB)
}Ready to output SDO array - hit any key
SDO_DataObjectImpl Object
    [ElementA] => SDO_DataObjectImpl Object
            [Overlapping] => SDO_DataObjectImpl Object
                    [ValueA] => tns:ValueA


    [ElementB] => SDO_DataObjectImpl Object
            [Overlapping] => SDO_DataObjectImpl Object
                    [ValueB] => tns:ValueB


http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes:Top ElementA isMany=  http://www.example.org/A
nnonTypes:ElementA isOpen=  isDataType=
http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes:ElementA Overlapping isMany=
le.org/AnnonTypes:Overlapping isOpen=  isDataType=
http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes:Overlapping ValueA isMany=
 isOpen=  isDataType= 1
http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes:Top ElementB isMany=  http://www.example.org/A
nnonTypes:ElementB isOpen=  isDataType=
http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes:ElementB Overlapping isMany=
le.org/AnnonTypes:Overlapping1 isOpen=  isDataType=
http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes:Overlapping1 ValueB isMany=
g isOpen=  isDataType= 1

Note now that there are two anonymous types registered

20. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Overlapping
    - ValueA (commonj.sdo#String)
21. http://www.example.org/AnnonTypes#Overlapping1
    - ValueB (commonj.sdo#String)



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