Specifying a service type of 'soap' produces the same result (it knows
that it's using soap because it has a GET request of WSDL).

I'm logging $this->xmldas in setWSDLTypes($wsdl) in SOAP Mapper.php.
One request to service.php results in two executions of setWSDLTypes.
I noticed that the first lists the parameters of my login method while
the second does not:

43. http://ilSoapUserAdministration#login
    - client (commonj.sdo#String)
    - username (commonj.sdo#String)
    - password (commonj.sdo#String)


43. http://ilSoapUserAdministration#login

The other difference is that on the first call, we have:

[ 15] Info 30/04/2008
05:49:46::795 .......SCA_Bindings_soap_Mapper::setWSDLTypes - wsdl is

On the second, we have instead:

[ 13] Info 30/04/2008
05:49:47::809 ......SCA_Bindings_soap_Mapper::setWSDLTypes - wsdl is C:

I didn't know I could access the .wsdl at that address, but it works -
except that it does not include my parameters for the login method. So
why are class.php?wsdl and class.wsdl different?

OH HEY. ilSoapUseradministration.wsdl was created back when my login
method arguments weren't being picked up because i put its parameters
in a comment starting with /* rather than /**. This would also be a
problem if I changed my schema after this static wsdl was generated.

           if (!file_exists($wsdl_filename)) {


in SOAP ServiceRequestHandler.php. I deleted the cached C:\xampp\htdocs
reran, and things work.

It seems to me that this is a pretty big gotcha - it took me a day to
figure out what was going on! For now, I've just commented out the
'if' loop so the wsdl is regenerated every time ... however, I think
that this calls for an explicitly temporary caching solution.

On Apr 29, 9:06 pm, Dalibor Andzakovic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> try $sua = SCA::getService('http://localhost/htdocs/ilias4/webservice/
> soap/classes/class.ilSoapUserAdministration.php?wsdl', 'soap');
> dali
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