> in SOAP ServiceRequestHandler.php. I deleted the cached C:\xampp\htdocs
> \ilias4\webservice\soap\classes\class.ilSoapUserAdministration.wsdl,
> reran, and things work.
> It seems to me that this is a pretty big gotcha - it took me a day to
> figure out what was going on! For now, I've just commented out the
> 'if' loop so the wsdl is regenerated every time ... however, I think
> that this calls for an explicitly temporary caching solution.

Yea, that one got me too :-) Especially because if you go to your
webservice.php?wsdl you get correct WSDL shown, but SCA for some
reason uses cached generated wsdl. I've gotten into a habit of
deleting created WSDLs every time the method signatures change.

Other trick to look for is the location of the XSDs. Relative paths
are to the executing script, not the class definition...

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