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Sorry for not replying to everyone's comments but I'm on holiday for christmas :)

Regarding Marco's comment on Zend_Application_Resource_Interface I would guess it is a question of how Ztal is loaded into a Zend Application. We initially used a combination of application resource helper and action helper, as is the 'normal' way used by many other integration projects (for PHPTAL, Smarty etc.) but found the performance hit to be unacceptable. Both helpers make extensive use of introspection and a many-to-many mapping in the autoloader which makes them slow as well as hard to debug and sometimes unpredictable (all problems the ZF guys are aware of and something ZF2 plans to tackle in radical and most likely non-ZF1-compatible ways).

Instead, we go for a plugin approach and setup our replacement View object pre-dispatch. This way the View is available before the controller action is triggered but it already has enough information to map a route to a module, controller and action and can, therefore, correctly setup the paths needed to load the correct templates for the module. One known limitation of this is that internal redirects (rather than browser redirects) to a different module are not currently captured and the paths will be incorrect for loading the templates. I have some ideas on this but the gain from this sacrifice is ~ 80ms performance gain which, in my tests, is about 20% of the entire execution time of a 'normal' action in my fully loaded apps (with caching, translation support etc.).

Obviously we are working hard to document all of this and certainly in the new year I will do my best to answer any and all questions from everyone :) As a company we are pretty new to the process of releasing an open source project so please be patient ;) As it says in the sparse documentation we have already released we plan to camp out in #ztal on freenode for anyone who has questions. As I'm sure everyone will agree, this mailing list is not the place to really discuss Ztal but I really hope there can be a good relationship between the projects.

In case anyone wondered, we are already using Ztal internally on projects and fully intend all future development to include Ztal and PHPTAL. We've been using Ztal in various ways for over a year and already serve tens of thousands of requests a day using the technology (in Italian and English) across our company intranet. Our next step is upgrading some of our customer facing services where, as we roll out the upgrades, we expect hundreds of thousands and then millions of daily page hits.

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Robert, do you have any Zend_Application_Resource_Interface resource in
the code-base? Didn't see any (had only 10 mins to look at Ztal till
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