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I have a list in my application where the first column should be one icon if the id of the offer is in an array or another icon otherwise. The array that have some icons looks something like this: $tmp[id] = 1 or 0.

If id is 1, I should have one icon and another if 0. I added the array to template like this: $template->tmp = $tmp; and then I tried to do this: <td tal:condition="tmp/${offers/idiffer}">....</td> Where offers/idoffer is the list that is repeated in the table, so each row have one idoffer.

If tmp has items for all IDs, then it should work fine (I presume "idiffer" misspelling is only in the e-mail).

Otherwise you can test for existence with:


If you want to toggle between two icons:

<td tal:condition="tmp/${offers/idoffer}">....</td>
<td tal:condition="not:tmp/${offers/idoffer}">....</td>

regards, Kornel Lesiński

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