Hi everybody!

Those of you that are subscribed to the phpweather-checkins
maillinglist (see
would know that PHP Weather has improved a great deal in CVS lately.

I've also talked a great deal with Gyulai Mihály who's making a
Hungarian translation for the files in CVS. In the process we've found
a couple of strings that had to be changed, so that he could make the

So, if the authors of other "difficult" languages (French, German,
Chezch, etc) want to be part of this discussion, please speak up.

Please take a look at the file locales/locale_en.php and see if it's
something you can translate into your language. If there's some
sentences you can't translate there's a good chance that we can change
them in the program. You might have to append a word to some string
where the other languages just have a period, or something like

I've already converted the Danish translation without problems (it
took about 15 minutes to do so).

It's easy to change the string *now*, but we won't be able to do so
later when it's translated into 11 languages like the stable version

I would also like to hear if anybody wants to help build a little page
at phpweather.sourceforge.net? I've seen some great pages that uses
PHP Weather, so I'm sure that we can find a couple of guys that can
make a nice page.

I'm imagining a small page that lets people select different cities
and see what PHP Weather does. There should be links to the
documentation and installation instructions, etc. Kind of what I have
now at gimpster.com. It shouldn't require a lot of maintenance.

We'll put the pages into CVS, so that it's easy to change.

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

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