> On 02 Jul 2001 21:19:10 +0200 Martin Geisler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >I would also like to hear if anybody wants to help build a little page
> >at phpweather.sourceforge.net? I've seen some great pages that uses
> >PHP Weather, so I'm sure that we can find a couple of guys that can
> >make a nice page.
> >
> >I'm imagining a small page that lets people select different cities
> >and see what PHP Weather does. There should be links to the
> >documentation and installation instructions, etc. Kind of what I have
> >now at gimpster.com. It shouldn't require a lot of maintenance.
> >
> Hi,
> I guess I could do that. I made a very crude PHP script a few weeks
> ago that locates the code for an airport where you first select a
> country and then the airport.

Have you seen the latest code in CVS? The index.php page does exactly
that, if I'm not mistaken.

But it would be great if you would help build a page for PHP Weather -
I'll add a directory to CVS called 'web' which will contain the pages.
I'll then set up a cron job at SourceForge that will checkout the
pages from CVS every 15 minutes. I believe that's how people usually
do it.

I'm currently working on a script that will take the xml files with
the doc comments and produce a beautiful LaTeX document with the
information. This will complement the HTML pages produced now by
PHPDoc. We can then write a couple of pages about what PHP Weather is,
how to use it, how to translate it, etc, and put those pages in front
of the document.

It will be easy to generate a PDF document from the LaTeX source, and
we can also make HTML pages. When this is in place, we'll have
up-to-date documentation assuming that the doc comments are kept

Mihaly Gyulai has already started cleaning up the comments, and he's
done a great job.

If there's anybody else who would also like to help with this, then
please write. I'll be glad to help with setting up CVS, which can be a
little difficult at first.

> Should be fairly easy to add the next step... ;) But the script is a
> little crude, so I will need a few days to clean it up. I am leaving
> for holiday the 11/07, but I will have access to a computer/Internet
> there so some time next week it should be ready.
> Sven-Erik Andersen

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

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