On 02 Jul 2001 21:19:10 +0200 Martin Geisler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I would also like to hear if anybody wants to help build a little page
>at phpweather.sourceforge.net? I've seen some great pages that uses
>PHP Weather, so I'm sure that we can find a couple of guys that can
>make a nice page.
>I'm imagining a small page that lets people select different cities
>and see what PHP Weather does. There should be links to the
>documentation and installation instructions, etc. Kind of what I have
>now at gimpster.com. It shouldn't require a lot of maintenance.


I guess I could do that. I made a very crude PHP script a few weeks ago that 
locates the code for an airport where you first select a country and then the 
airport. Should be fairly easy to add the next step... ;) But the script is a 
little crude, so I will need a few days to clean it up. I am leaving for 
holiday the 11/07, but I will have access to a computer/Internet there so some 
time next week it should be ready.

Sven-Erik Andersen

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