I agree this should become part of the extras package; it's 
indispensable to my team's projects.  Regarding the performance, it is 
orders of magnitude slower than using a PText, so in some situations 
where I would have preferred HTMLNodes, I've made due with PTexts 
instead (where there are many onscreen simultaneously and when smooth 
performance is essential).

Sam Reid

allain wrote:
> The code here:
> http://groups.google.com/group/piccolo2d-users/browse_thread/thread/25835a96a5d921e7/6cf577a995557268?q=HTMLNode+piccolo#6cf577a995557268
> Should definitely be considered for inclusion in Extras. For rendering
> styled text, it's far better (or at least simpler) then trying to hack
> something together with PStyledText and it's very fast since the guys
> at sun seem to have optimized the heck out of the HTMLView stuff.
> (I'll attest to having over a thousand HTML nodes on screen without
> even a hiccup).
> Thoughts?
> >

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