Comment #2 on issue 118 by heuermh: PCanvas.getLayer() is misleading

I thought the same and didn't include getLayer() in POffscreenCanvas.  It  
is a nice
bit of sugar though, and a nice conceptual shortcut as well.  One typically  
child nodes either to the camera (for "sticky" nodes) or to the layer (for  
behavior).  I was thinking of adding it, with sufficient documentation, and  
we leave it in PCanvas, with improvement to the documentation:

  * Return the layer for this canvas, that is the first layer
  * in the list of layers viewed by the camera associated with
  * this canvas.  Note that the camera associated with this
  * canvas may view more than one layer.
  * @see PCamera#getLayer(int)
  * @return the layer for this canvas
public PLayer getLayer()

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