I have a need for an AWT/Swing "clean" version of Piccolo2D, for use
with Eclipse and SWT. Hence, the existing SWT compatibility classes
aren't enough. Therefore I've made an SWT-only port with no references
whatsoever to AWT/Swing. There were three main issues:
1. Replacing Point2D, Rectangle2D, AffineTransform et. al with custom
classes with same behavior
2. Replacing Graphics2D with SWT's corresponding class
3. replacing Swing's event handling with SWT's

It wasn't very difficult, and took a couple of days. Now I wonder how
to contribute this code back. Since I touched almost every file of
Piccolo's core, I'm not sure it's meaningful to send a patch.

So, what should I do?

Best regards,

Hallvard Trætteberg

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