I'd very much like to see a merging of this approach with the piccolo core.
It would of course wait till 2.0, but it's definitely an interesting

2009/10/24 Kevin <ke...@kelleysoft.com>

> > If there is any interest [...]
> I'd like to see this... I'm not such a big fan of SWT, but I'm using
> Fan language, and Fan's UI lib is SWT-based.  So, to play with piccolo
> in Fan, the nicest thing would be to get piccolo rendering to a SWT
> canvas.  I can use AWT or Swing thru FFI, but then there's no
> integration with the rest of the UI.
> I'm not currently using piccolo for anything, just following along
> with interest, and wanting to try it out.  I just wanted to pipe up
> with the hope that Hallvard's code be available somewhere.
> >

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