On Oct 23, 9:07 pm, Michael Heuer <heue...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hallvard Trætteberg wrote:
> > I have a need for an AWT/Swing "clean" version of Piccolo2D, for use
> > with Eclipse and SWT.
> I don't do much with SWT, so this is curious to me.  Might you be able
> to further explain your motivation?

I believe Eclipse cannot contain AWT/Swing code due to licencing
problems (I'm not exactly sure why). And since I wanted to integrate
Piccolo with some core Eclipse code (for it's e4 project), I needed
such a port.

If there is any interest in hosting this port at piccolo2d.org I can
provide the code at any time. If this branch is to be kept up-to-date
with the rest, I think it would be best if step 1 code be performed on
the main branch, to make them more similar. But I this may not be
desirable for you. Just tell me what is interesting for you!

> Item 1) above raises some concern though, if you copied Sun's or GNU
> Classpath' source code for your custom classes, those might be
> incompatible with Piccolo2D's license.

I didn't copy any code, I just implemented the classes and methods
that Piccolo actually used from the relevant classes. In some sense I
copied the specification, or else I couldn't implement equivalent
classes. In this respect I guess my classes are similar to GNU
Classpath' source. In some cases, I also changed how they were used,
to make the port easier.


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