Comment #2 on issue 161 by full bounds behavior has changed in Piccolo 1.3

I've been using the attached above in order to reason about the desired behavior, and found another unexpected but related behavior. When I set the bounds.x=10, bounds.y=30, bounds.w=52, bounds.h=0, the red rectangle is visible, but reports its bounds as PBounds[EMPTY]. I've been implicitly assuming that any node with an empty bounds should (a) not be visible and (b) not be incorporated into bounds computations. However, based on the above behavior in the DebugFullBounds, it seems more like a PPath(Line2D.Double(0,0,100,0) or PPath(Rectangle2D(0,0,100,0)) should indeed be visible, have a non-empty bounds and be incorporated into bounds computations. A case that I'm also concerned about is the case in which there is a PNode with children nodes, but no direct content (other than the children); in that case, it seems like the node itself shouldn't be visible and shouldn't enter into bounds computations. I'm not sure how to handle that case symmetrically with the one-dimensional PPath cases above, and I'm not sure what solution will best resolve
both this issue 162 and issue 155.

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