Hi Jon,

> The point here is that the word "red" is not inflected, it's unchanged.

I'm not sure if I understand the problem. Usually, you would put whole
sentences into the translation files.

Do you intend to build the messages from individual words? Then there
are many problems around, like the order of words etc.

But on the other hand, you are free to put any kind of strings into your
source code, you could even use tokens like ,"aaaa", ,"aaaab", ,"1234"
or, as you say, ,"RED-is". Then create a "china/loc/en" in addition to
your "china/loc/no" to provide the English versions of the strings shown
in the application.

To make this work, you perhaps need also to provide a standard "en" file
in the "loc/" directory. It can simply contain the same strings on both
parts of each line. Then you call

   (locale "EN" "en" "china/loc/")

to get the English version.

- Alex

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