I think my problem with setting mime types originally was due to
basing my code on the initial hello world example, where the html
function is called bare inside project.l. In this model the call to
server is on the command line.

I'm guessing this means that Mime remains whatever it was when server
started and my setting of mime was taking place in a forked process
for the request, and hence was not actually affecting anything. I am
guessing here as I havn't read the http code in detail yet. Now that
I'm doing somthing similer to the sample application and having a
app.l which does all the loading and calls server from inside picoLisp
code I suspect things will work correctly.

I still don't quite follow what curl is supposed to be showing is
wrong with my use of http header. I'm installing it now and will dig
further. I'm determined to get this thing working right.

On 04/10/2008, Alexander Burger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Konrad,
>> I've got it returning an actual .xml file ok. (had to modify the
>> definition of *Mimes directly as calling (mime "xml" "text/xml" 1)
>> didn't seem to have any effect.
> Though this is not central to your question, it is strange because it
> should work.
> Where in your code did you call 'mime'? Should be ok anytime after
> "lib/http.l" is loaded.
> Cheers,
> - Alex
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