Hi Konrad,

> I;m on a 64 bit system which for the moment has prevented me from
> trying out Thomas's Async read and write code.  I'm working on a 32
> bit chroot enviornment to run pico in for now, but it would be nice
> to go native.

It should work even on 64 bit Linux without chroot environment. You'll
need to install some 32 bit compatibility packages and gcc, I think
these were called ia32-libs, libc6-dev-i386 and maybe something more.
Then -m32 will instruct the compiler and linker to generate use 32 bit
code and use 32 bit libraries.  The compiled application will run on
your 64 bit Linux fine.  You'll need to add the -m32 option to gcc.l
though, or use the 'patch' trick Alex recommended in that mail thread
about async io.



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