Hi Alex,

> However, I am aware of the fact that in picoLisp the printing of
> numeric results is often much more expensive than the actual
> calculations, due to the conversions necessary for the decimal base.

> If I take out the final (prinl Y) from gmp-test2.l, I get:
> It makes a considerable difference.

Interesting, it does not seem to make much difference with the C
version when I take the final 'printf' out of the C code.

> So I believe that for practical uses, where processing does not
> consist solely of arithmetics, the overhead will be negligible, and
> not justify extra efforts.

Yes, I haven't got any issues with bignum performance in picolisp;-)
We are not using picolisp to compute Mersenne prime numbers
http://www.mersenne.org/ after all:-D


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