Hi Alex,

Thank you for the clarifications.

In case you are having issues with GAS, you may want to look at YASM=C2=A0 from wha= t I can see it's under active development and the source looks reasonably clean.


Alexander Burger wrote:
Hi Eugene,

thanks for your comments! :-)

It would appear that you could claim portability to any =
CPU. Afterall,
porting should only require writing a translator module for the

Well, not really any CPU. It should have a 64 bit word size, with 8 bits
per byte. And if it is a CPU that requires heavy instruction reordering,
the translator module might be difficult to implement.

different instruction set. If anyone wants JVM or CLI th=
en that should
be what needs rewriting.

Yes, this would be an interesting exercise.

As for the gcc.l, as.l, and the generic call to external=
 libraries, I
have a suggestion:
1. Shared libraries written in the normal manner (dlopen/dlsym
A manifest file for each DL which lists the entry points, argument types an=
d return value type.

I'm thinking of something similar. Not with a separate manifest file,
but with some encoding conventions in an s-_expression_, specifying the
types and layouts of arguments and return values.

This would allow to call almost any C function in an external library on
the fly. The calling mechanism itself would be the same as it is in
picoLisp-2.x, just with some glue functionality interpreting the encoded
information, and preparing the arguments and return values

A slight disadvantage compared to your proposal is some runtime
overhead, though. Let's see ...

- Alex

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