Hi Tomas,

thanks for the analysis!

> Indenting is impossible to do well I think because the function does
> not know what is going to happen in the body (the 'xml' function knows

I think so, too. This is also the reason why the functions in
"lib/xhtml.l" don't do any efforts to indent. And with this <xml>
function we go a little in the direction of HTML (as Jon also mentioned
in his initial post).

> Also, I don't really like the output of 'escXml', it would be more
> human friendly to output &amp; etc instead of numbers:
> (de escXml (X)
>    (for C (chop X)
>       (case C
>          ("\"" (prin "&quot;"))
>          ("&" (prin "&amp;"))
>          ("<" (prin "&lt;"))
>          (">" (prin "&gt;"))
>          (T (prin C)) ) ) )

Ah, I was not aware that this is also legal in XML.

But then we don't need 'excXml' at all, and can simply use 'ht:Prin',
don't we?

- Alex

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