Hi Alex,

>> Indenting is impossible to do well I think because the function does
>> not know what is going to happen in the body (the 'xml' function knows
> I think so, too. This is also the reason why the functions in
> "lib/xhtml.l" don't do any efforts to indent. And with this <xml>
> function we go a little in the direction of HTML (as Jon also mentioned
> in his initial post).

it would be possible to do indenting if the body prg was not run in
the parent environment.  Then we could pass some indenting state to
the recursive calls of <xml> and indent accordingly.

That's why I came with the w/gensym but if transient symbols do that
better, I'll try to use them.  I have to get my head around using them
first though:-)

> But then we don't need 'excXml' at all, and can simply use 'ht:Prin',
> don't we?

Probably, I am not sure what the other escaping in ht:Prin does, is it
just utf-8 related escaping?  I think it is better to output utf-8
characters directly without escaping.



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