Hi Tomas,

> it would be possible to do indenting if the body prg was not run in
> the parent environment.  Then we could pass some indenting state to
> the recursive calls of <xml> and indent accordingly.

Should be possible. If we had

   (de <xml> (Level . Lst)
      (default Level 0)

Then we could do

      (spaces (* 3 Level))
      (run Lst 1)

I'm not sure. At least this is a basic idea ;-)

> Probably, I am not sure what the other escaping in ht:Prin does, is it
> just utf-8 related escaping?  I think it is better to output utf-8
> characters directly without escaping.

Yes, ht:Prin does not touch utf-8 chars. On the other hand, it is
probably a bit too much tailored for HTML, as it specifically ignores
certain tags like <b> or <i> (see the table at the beginning of
"src/ht.c") to allow markups in the text. Besides this, it only cares
about "<", ">", "&", "\"" and the Euro sign. Well, that's a little
ad-hoc :-(

- Alex

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