Hi Tomas,

> Or, do you have some solution for this already?

Sure ;-)

If 'httpGate' fails to connect to the local server, an arbitrary page
can be triggered.

If you look at "src/httpGate.c:262":

            if ((srv = gateConnect((unsigned short)port)) < 0) {
               logger("Can't connect to %d", port);
               if (!memchr(q,'~', buf + n - q)) {
                  buf[n] = '\0';
                  logger("Bad request: %s", buf);
                  return 1;
               if ((fd = open("void", O_RDONLY)) < 0)
                  return 1;
               if (ssl)
                  sslWrite(ssl, Head_200, strlen(Head_200));
                  wrBytes(cli, Head_200, strlen(Head_200));

you see that it tries to open a file named "void".

This "void" is usually a symbolic link to some page. It typically says
"Session timed out / Could not connect to the current session /
Probably, a timeout occurred, and the session terminated. / Please try
to re-connect to your last recently used application."

In other cases this page contains a link to the main application (if
there is any) telling the user to click that link, otherwise it
automatically redirects the user to that application after 10 seconds or

- Alex
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