Hi Tomas,

thanks for the proposed solution!

I believe it is useful, but I would not want to put it into the PicoLisp

I still believe the current solution is sufficient, and much simpler. It
does not need additional concepts like a predefined application name, a
session id schema, and a session error handling function. Also, a main
server ("home.l") is not needed, which I don't have in most cases where
there is only a single application.

So with a page pointed to by "void" you can do anything you like,
including an immediate redirect to the application (e.g. with a refresh
time of zero).

I still don't understand why you think it is more user-friendly when the
user is thrown back to the app's start page immediately instead of
seeing an error page (though both behaviors are possible with the "void"
as well as with your soution), or why it is not powerful enough.

- Alex
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