Hi all,

today I released the very first version of 64-bit PicoLisp!

It is available in the standard testing release. You can compile it by
using the "src64/" directory instead of "src/":

   $ (cd src64; make)

Currently there is only a x86-64 build possible. The intermediate files
"src64/x86-64.linux.base.s" and "src64/x86-64.linux.ext.s" are
pre-compiled, so that no initially running PicoLisp is required. The
genuine sources are the "*.l" files in "src64/". To build the "*.s"
files from them, a PicoLisp (32- or 64-bit) version must be installed
(i.e linked from "/usr/bin/" and "/usr/lib/" as described in the INSTALL

Of course, 64-bit PicoLisp can already compile itself ;-)

The architecture of the virtual machine is specified in "doc64/asm", and
the general data structures in "doc64/structures".

The generic assembler is "src64/lib/asm.l". It needs an architecture
dependent file in "src64/arch/", where currently is only "x86-64.l".
This file (637 lines for x86-64) has to be rewritten for other CPUs.

Two major issues are still missing: Networking and database support.
Most other things work, though there are probably hundreds of bugs.

I'll keep at it. If everything goes well (and I have the time), I hope I
can promote what is now "2.3.8 testing" to "3.0.0" by the end of

Please have fun!

- Alex
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