Hi Alex,

>> Why did you abandon "lisp syntax" for the assembler?
> Good question. I considered it initially, but found no advantage
> using it (not even for the parser). I think that in such a case the
> parentheses would be rather unwieldy. Why would you prefier lisp
> syntax here?

List syntax gives the code "more explicit structure" and makes code
editing much easier usually but I appreciate that it is assemmbly
where each command is on separate line so it is not such an issue.
Also, it would allow for macros/shortcuts to automate common patterns.
E.g. push/pop: there are lots of places where I can see patterns like

(code 'doApply 2)
push X
push Y
push Z
pop Z
pop Y
pop X

which could take advantage of more structured code:

(asmFn 'apply 2 (X Y Z)
   ... )

Maybe the question should be whether there are ways of building the
assembly code programmatically rather than manually?

Thanks & well done to your 64 bit release!


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