Thanks for the idea TC, another alternative would be to give the
parser a bias to lean on as an extra argument but that doesn't feel
100% right. I can't see how ":key" would create any conflicts either.


On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Tomas Hlavaty<> wrote:
> Hi Henrik,
>> First of all, to offload the server from having to build json all
>> the time.
> your server must be very popular when it struggles to generate json;-)
>>> 1) Parsing sexp: function parse(S) in
>>> 2) Parsing PDFs in OnDoc: works surprisingly well & fast in picolisp.
>>> 3) Parsing postscript: function PsParser() in
> Another case where I built a parser on top of simple picolisp
> functions peek & char (i.e. without regular expressions, the picolisp
> way:-) is the xml parser now part of picolisp distribution in
> lib/xml.l. =A0Basically every picolisp webserver generates html or xml
> on the server side so I cannot see how generating json is any
> different performance-wise.
> Also, your code loops over all characters in the string and calls
> regular expression matcher many times. =A0This matching is redundant and
> the code can be faster by removing the regexp matcher lookehead and
> determining the state directly because sexp have very simple grammar
> anyway.
> Regards,
> Tomas
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