Hi Kyle,

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> I am having a bit of a problem installing picolisp on a PowerPC Mac  
> running OS X 10.411.  Here is the command line output after running the 
> make command.

I'm afraid I'm not of much help, as I don't have a Mac myself. I was
hoping that some of the Mac users in this list would react :-(

> PowerBook-12in:~/picoLisp-2.3.7/src kyle$ make picolisp
> ...
> make: gcc: Command not found

This looks like you have no development environment installed. What
needs to be done on a Mac to install or configure the C compiler?

>From all what I've noticed about PicoLisp on the Mac so far, I believe
it is a mess. The Mac obviously is not intended as a development
machine. You have to fiddle arould with variables like
MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET (why doesn't the Mac find that out by itself?).

Anyway, I hope that some of the Mac users could supply something

- Alex
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