I don't really know the proper way of handling Blobs but the following
has been working up until now:

(class +Article +Entity)
(rel aid       (+Key +Number))
(rel title     (+String))
(rel type      (+String))
(rel htmlUrl   (+Key +String))
(rel body      (+Blob))

(dm put> (Key Val)
   (if (= Key 'body)
         (put!> This 'body T)
         (out (blob This 'body)
            (prinl Val)))
      (super Key Val)))

(dm lose!> ()
   (call 'rm (blob This 'body))
   (put!> This 'body NIL)

Due to some changes in the way I parse articles I needed to delete a
subset of them, after doing that I got for instance:

/blob/2/-/Y/X/p.body open: No such file or directory

When I tried to import the same subset again.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?

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