Hi Henrik,

> (let Awords (new! '(+Awords))
>   (put> Awords 'words Words)
>   (put> Awords 'counts (mapcar val Words))
>   (put> A 'words Awords))

'A' probably is not an object of a class that knows about 'words'.

> However, I'm getting:
> !? (has> (meta This Var) Val (get This Var))
> has> -- Bad message

I also frequently get such an error, if some code does not match the E/R
definitions. I would type here

   : This
   -> XXXX   # Something which is the value of 'A'


   : Var
   -> words  # Probably 'words'

In any case, when you know 'This' and 'Var', you usually have a clue
what went wrong.

- Alex
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