On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 07:26:27PM +0200, Henrik Sarvell wrote:
> I don't understand how a (show This) would show anything else but this
> in this case:
> [test3.l:23] !? (has> (meta This Var) Val (get This Var))
> has> -- Bad message
> ? (show This)
> {4-5v;} (+Awords)
> -> {4-5v;}
> If you check the earlier code listing you will see that +Awords is
> clearly a descendant of +Entity. I mean, this works perfectly for
> +Article (as per your instructions earlier), why it doesn't work for
> +Awords too is beyond me.

And what is 'Var', and - most important - (meta This Var). The latter
one must be something which cannot handle 'has>'.

So (meta This Var) is either NIL, or some relation object that doesn't
understand 'has>'. Something must be wrong in the class hierarchy.
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